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Trek AC, Woodside Pool

Twenty three anglers attended this Saturday booking. Given the number of anglers in attendance both Woodside and Island pools were used.

Winner on the day topping the field with 68-12-00 was Chris Hall from peg 4 close to the point of the island. Fishing bread tight to the island, Chris found small carp in numbers to win by a comfortable margin.

Finishing runner-up was Paul Davies from unfancied peg 1. Paul struggled for an unhealthy portion of the match, but eventually found the fish down his inside on bread to finish with 40-08-00.

Rounding off the top three was Bob Ginster from peg 3 with 38-08-00.

1st Chris Hall, Peg 4, 68-12-00, Bread to the island

2nd Paul Davies, Peg 1, 40-08-00, Bread in the margins

3rd Bob Ginster, Peg 3, 38-08-00


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