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Blackheath Stamping, Woodside Pool

Winner on the day was Craig Newton, who drew peg 3 on the point of the island. Opting to fish pellet long up in the water, Craig found carp in numbers to weigh in a final 94-10-00 and confirm a comfortable victory.

Mark Cotton finished runner-up from peg 8 round the back of the island. Again, fishing pellet up in the water accounted for the majority of his 64-15-00 catch.

Third place was taken by Keith Pitts from peg 14 on the dam wall. Fishing maggot down his inside, Keith offered 38-04-00 to the scales at the end of the five hours.

1st Craig Newton, Peg 3, 94-10-00, Pole & pellet shallow

2nd Mark Cotton, Peg 8, 64-15-00, Pole & pellet shallow

3rd Keith Pitts, Peg 14, 38-04-00, Maggot in the margins


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