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Carrs AC, Woodside Pool

Eleven anglers attended this latest club match for Carrs AC hosted on Woodside pool. Conditions on the day were very hot but with a moderate breeze making things feel very pleasant indeed.

Topping the field on the day was Peter Bradley, who drew peg 21. Not normally known for it's match winning capability, Peter opted to fish corn on the feeder to find good quality carp to weigh in 68-10-00 and comfirm a comfortable win.

Second place was awarded to Alan Taylor, who drew peg 9 close to the island. Fishing a small feeder tight to the island, Alan found carp patrolling the far shelf to finish the match with 44-10-00..

Jeff Rush completed the top three with 39-14-00 from neighbouring peg 8 fishing pellet on the pole.

1st Peter Bradley, Peg 21, 68-10-00, Feeder

2nd Alan Taylor, Peg 9, 44-10-00, Feeder

3rd Jeff Rush, Peg 8, 39-14-00, Pole & pellet

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