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Chuckery AC, Woodside Pool

A small turnout of just ten anglers attended this latest match on the in form Woodside pool. The pool had produced some big weights the day before with more decent weights recorded on the Sunday.

Winner on the day with 97-12-00 was Darren Young. Darren fished banded 8mm pellet over the top of fishery 4mm's to find quality carp down his edge.

Arnie Woolhouse finished in second place with 79-10-00.

Third placed Paul Mason weighed in 78-14-00 of carp all taken on dead red maggot fished down his inside.

1st Darren Young, 97-12-00, Pellet in the margins

2nd Arnie Woolhouse, 79-10-00

3rd Paul Mason, 78-14-00, Dead maggot in the margins

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