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Trec AC, Island Pool

Trec AC occupied both pools for this Saturday contest. Woodside pool fished hard with weights being down on recent weeks. Weights on the Island pool, however, were better.

Winner on the day was P. Davis with a weight of 64-12-00 of bread and pellet-caught carp.

Runner-up was P. Siniarski with 58-06-00. Fishing corn on the feeder to start with he later switched to bread over fishery pellet to find some better quality fish late on.

Third place on the day was M. Carlow with 47-10-00 - corn on the bomb and pellet in the margins doing the damage.

1st P. Davis, 64-12-00, Bread & pellet in the margins

2nd P. Siniarski, 58-06-00, Feeder / Bread & pellet in the margins

3rd M. Carlow, 47-10-00, Bomb & corn / Pellet in the margins


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