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Horsley Piggott AC, Woodside Pool

A small turnout saw just nine anglers from Horsley Piggott attend this Saturday match on Woodside pool. Despite the pools recent form, weights were a little lower than expected. That said, it was still a competitive match with little separating those anglers that finished in the mainframe.

Winner on the day was Dave Howell, who drew peg 19. Offering corn, Dave found mainly carp to weigh in 56-03-00 at the end of the five hours.

Securing second place was John Deakin from peg corner peg 7. Again, offering corn short and in the margins, John found small carp to end the match with 43-02-00.

Bob Roberts finished in third place from neighbouring peg 8 with 41-12-00. Bob fished corn short at top two and down in the margins to find all carp.

1st Dave Howell, Peg 19, 56-03-00, Pole & corn

2nd John Deakin, Peg 7, 43-02-00, Pole & corn short / corn in the margins

3rd Bob Roberts, Peg 8, 41-12-00, Pole & corn short / corn in the margins


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