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Ironbridge AC, Island Pool

Ten anglers from Ironbridge AC attended this Sunday club match on Island pool.

Taking honours was Simon Richardson. Starting his match offering maggot long over to the island, Simon found carp in numbers before switching to his margins late on with meat to confirm a superb 131-13-00 and a comfortable victory.

Second place was taken by Liam Stanko. Starting his match offering bread punch on the tip, Liam later switched to his edges offering corn to find some bonus lumps for a final 72-11-00.

Rounding off the top three was Phillip McGarry, who offered 70-11-00 to the scales. Phil caught both up in the water and down his edge.

1st Simon Richardson, 131-13-00, Pole & maggot to the island / meat in the margins

2nd Liam Stanko, 72-11-00, Bomb & bread / corn in the margins

3rd Phillip McGarry, 70-11-00, Pole & pellet shallow / in the margins


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