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Cottage Springs AC, Woodside Pool

A big crowd from Cottage Springs AC meant that anglers were pegged across both Island and Woodside pools.

Winner on Woodside pool on the day was John Biggs. John caught mainly in the margins with both corn and pellet to weigh in 89-03-00.

Runner-up spot was taken by Terry Billingham. Terry offered pellet down his inside to find carp to over 17lbs to weigh in a final 82-10-00.

Mark Gilbert secured third place offering 66-06-00 to the scales at the end of the five hours.

1st John Biggs, 89-03-00, Pole & corn / pellet in the margins

2nd Terry Billingham, 82-10-00, Pellet in the margins

3rd Mark Gilbert, 66-06-00


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