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Private Syndicate, Woodside Pool

Ten anglers fished a cool but sun blushed Woodside pool. Anglers were greeted with plenty of fish topping, so expectations were high - especially in light of the pools recent form.

Winner on the day was Bryan Burley from peg 3. Opting to fish up in the water with pellet long at 17,5m, Bryan found mainly carp with a few F1s before switching to his left hand edge late on with double worm over dead red maggots to find a few better quality fish. Bryan ended the match with 71-10-00.

Second place was taken by Chris Carey from peg 7. Chris elected to fish short and long down his left hand margin to take an all carp net weighing 68-14-00.

Third place on the day was Jason Attwell from peg 19. Jason started his match short at 5m on the deck before moving to his right hand margin as the day progressed. Jason found mainly carp with a few big silvers to offer 68-12-00 to the scales.

A nice close match on the day with other back-up weights being between 50lbs - 30lbs.

1st Bryan Burley, Peg 3, 71-10-00, Pole & pellet shallow / Worm in the margins

2nd Chris Carey, Peg 7, 68-14-00, Pole short /Margins

3rd Jason Attwell, Peg 19, 68-12-00, Pole short

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