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Private Syndicate, Woodside Pool

Winner on the day of this small private syndicate match was Martin Dunn. Martin drew peg 19 on the far side and fished long at 16m on meat before coming down his inside later on to end the match with 64-00-00.

Finishing close behind was Eddie Rhodes from peg 10. Eddie fished pole and pellet to depth with odd fish caught up in the water to offer 62-00-00 to the scales.

Third place was taken by Matt Lindforth from peg 17 with 52-11-00.

1st Martin Dunn, Peg 19, 64-00-00, Pole & meat / meat in the margins

2nd Eddie Rhodes, Peg 10, 62-00-00, Pole & pellet

3rd Matt Lindforth, Peg 17, 52-11-00


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