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Bromford AC, Woodside Pool

Topping the field on this latest club match on Woodside pool was Paul Dudley. Paul fished pole and pellet for most of the match before looking to edge with maggot during the final hour to weigh in a match-winning 63-14-00 and confirm a comfortable win.

Neil Hayden finished in second place with 35-12-00. Neil started his match fishing hard pellet up in the water before following the fish down later in the match fishing 6mm expander to depth.

Rounding off the top three was Craig Cookson with 35-08-00.

1st Paul Dudley, 63-14-00, Pole & pellet / maggot in the margins

2nd Neil Hayden, 35-12-00, Pole & pellet

3rd Craig Cookson, 35-08-00


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