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Winnalls Caravan Park AC, Woodside Pool

Thirteen anglers from Winnalls Caravan Club attended this Saturday contest on Woodside pool. Fishing on the day was tough with temperatures overnight dropping to just 3 degrees coupled with a cold wind during the day.

Roy Haycock took overall victory weighing in 66-05-00. Fishing banded pellet on the feeder, Roy found carp to 10lbs to win by a narrow margin.

Finishing close behind in second place was Steve Pearce. Steve also opted to fish the feeder to find odd carp before switching to his margins later on to find some bonus edge fish to offer 62-02-00 to the scales.

Third place on the day was taken by Jane Sherwin. Jane fish corn and maggot on the feeder before having a look down her edge to find carp to 10lb late on for a final 40-00-00.

1st Roy Haycock, 66-05-00, Feeder

2nd Steve Pearce, 62-02-00, Feeder & margins

3rd Jane Sherwin, 40-00-00, Feeder & corn / maggot in the margins

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