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Cradley Heath Labour Club, Island Pool

A good sized turn-out for Cradley Heath Labour club saw anglers pegged across both Woodside and Island pools for this latest Saturday contest. Conditions on the day were extremely hot with the carp still spawning. Despite the conditions, however, weights recorded on the day were relatively good taking everything into account.

Taking honours on the day on Island pool was Martyn Yarsley. Martyn fished pellet and corn down his edge for most of the match to find mainly carp up to around 4lbs to weigh in 74-00-00.

Runner-up spot was taken by Simon West. Simon fished towards marginal cover incorporating similar tactics to end proceedings with 66-04-00.

Taking third place was Garry Mason with 52-00-00. Again corn and pellet down his edge did the damage.

1st Martyn Yarsley, 74-00-00, Pellet / corn in the margins

2nd Simon West, 66-04-00, Pellet / corn in the margins

3rd Garry Mason, 52-00-00, Pellet / corn in the margins


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