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CARRS AC, Woodside Pool

Eight (8) anglers from CARRS AC attended this Saturday club match held on Woodside pool. Conditions on the day were bright with plenty of sunshine and the mercury reaching twenty degrees again.

Winner on the day was Mark Hone, who drew peg 16 fairly central on the dam wall. Not normally an area associated with match winning potential given the conditions due to deeper edges, Mark was able to find feeding fish in the margins fishing dead red maggot over micros and casters to end the day with 87-12-00 of mostly carp.

Second place was awarded to Ray Ravenhall from corner peg 6 by the pads. Starting his match fishing the feeder short, Ray was able to get among some carp early on before switching to his edge during the final throws of the match with dead red maggot to find some better stamp fish for a final weight of 68-03-00.

Taking the last of the mainframe positions was Jeff Rush, who drew peg 10. Jeff enjoyed a superb days silverfish sport catching quality roach, rudd and skimmers to maggot and caster before looking down his edge with corn to boost his weight with some quality carp. Jeff offered nearly 30lbs of silvers to the scales plus his carp catch to end with 64-04-00.

1st M. Hone, Peg 16, 87-12-00, Dead maggot over micro pellet & casters in the margins

2nd R. Ravenhall, Peg 6, 68-03-00, Feeder short & dead maggot in the margins

3rd J. Rush, Peg 10, 64-04-00, Maggot & casters short & corn and in the margins


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