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Clampitts AC, Woodside Pool

A small turnout for Clampitts saw just nine (9) anglers on Woodside pool for this latest Sunday contest. Weights were not expected to be particularly good following an overnight frost followed by bright sunshine on the day of the match. However, despite the conditions, the fishing was good.

Winner on the day was Lee Westwood from permanent peg 10 on the point of the island. Lee started his match over on the pellet waggler offering 6mm banded pellet, but only managed to pick up odd fish. Staying on his pellet waggler line, Lee then fished to depth corn to pick up a couple of more fish before switching to his edge midway through the match. Feeding dead maggots and offering a bunch of five maggots on the hook, Lee was able to tempt to decent sized fish to end the match with 58-04-00.

Finishing close behind in second place was Scott Rhodes from peg 17 on the dam wall. Scott began his match fishing up in the water on the waggler but, like Lee, wasn't able to get into any sort of rhythm. Later on, Scott concentrated on his margins offering corn over fishery micro pellet to find fish to 10lb and offer a final 57-14-00 to the scales.

Trevor Faulkner finished in third place from peg 3 more or less opposite Scott. Again, dead maggot down his edge did the damage with fish to 10lb gracing his net for a final 49-08-00.

1st Lee Westwood, Peg 10, 58-04-00, Pellet waggler / Maggot in the margins

2nd Scott Rhodes, Peg 17, 57-14-00, Pellet feeder / Corn in the margins

3rd Trevor Faulkner, Peg 3, 49-08-00, Maggot in the margins


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