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GKN AC, Woodside Pool

A relatively small turnout saw nine (9) anglers attend this Saturday club match for GKN.

Winner on the day was Colin Barnes, who drew peg 3 close to the point of the island. Starting his match fishing paste short, Colin was able to find good quality fish in numbers before looking down his edge late on with dead red maggot to finish the match strong. Colin weighed in a final 82-01-00.

Finishing close behind in second place from peg 21 was Dave Jones. Opting to fish paste short and down his left hand edge, Dave found himself among a superb average stamp of fish to offer 79-10-00 to the scales to narrowly miss out on top spot.

Third place on the day was taken by Alan Wood from peg 7 by the lily pads. Starting his match over to the pads on the pole offering pellet on the hook, Alan got off to a reasonable start but a lost fish put pay to his initial line. A quick change of tact chucking a feeder to the island produced a couple more fish, but it was slow going but a late flurry of fish down his edge saw Alan end the day with 33-10-00.

1st C. Barnes, Peg 3, 82-01-00, Paste short & dead red maggot in the margins

2nd D. Jones, Peg 21, 79-10-00, Paste short & in the margins

3rd A. Wood, Peg 7, 33-10-00, Pole & pellet to the pads / Feeder to the island / Pellet in the margins


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