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Halesowen CC, Woodside & Island Pools

A much smaller turnout than usual attended this second outing for Halesowen Cricket Club with Eleven (11) anglers pegged across both Woodside and Island pools with the match ran as one over both.

Winner on the day was Martin Dunn, who drew peg 13 on Island pool. Alternating between 8mm pellet and paste hookbaits short, Martin took an all-carp catch enjoying a great average stamp with individual fish to around 8lb. Martin ended the day with a match-winning 92-11-00.

Finishing close behind in second place from peg 16 on Island pool was Eddie Rhodes. Fishing maggot and paste down both his edges for most of the match, Eddie was able to find carp in numbers, but of a smaller average stamp to offer 89-04-00 to the scales. By his own admission, too many lost fish arguably cost him the match.

Third place on the day from peg 3 on Woodside pool was Kieron Willis. Offering pellet short and down his edge, Kieron found carp to 10lb to weigh in a final 52-13-00.

1st M. Dunn, Peg 13 (I), 92-11-00, Pole & pellet / Paste short

2nd E. Rhodes, Peg 16 (I), 89-04-00, Maggot & paste in the margins

3rd K. Willis, Peg 3 (W), 52-13-00, Pole & pellet short / in the margins


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