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Lea Hall AC, Island Pool

Eleven (11) anglers attend this latest Sunday club match on the Island pool.

Winner on the day was Geoff McAloon. Drawing peg 13, Geoff opted to fish paste and pellet down his edges to find some quality fish to weigh in 74-10-00 and win the match by a comfortable margin.

Finishing in second place was Mick Newbold from peg peg 27. Again, Mick found most of his fish from down his edges to corn and pellet to end the day with 47-04-00.

Rounding off the top three on the day was Steve Wissman. Fishing corn and pellet from peg 17, Steve found carp and silver fish to offer 45-08-00 to the scales.

1st Geoff McAloon, Peg 13, 74-10-00, Paste & pellet in the margins

2nd Mick Newbold, Peg 27, 47-04-00, Corn & pellet in the margins

3rd Steve Wissman, Peg 17, 45-08-00, Corn & pellet in the margins


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