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Matson Anglers, Island Pool

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

Eight (8) anglers from Matson AC attended this final club match of 2021 held on the Island pool. Conditions on the day were difficult due mainly to a brisk NW wind. Separate payouts were offered for both carp and silver nets.


Winner on the day was Wayne Stephens, who drew peg 17. Fishing double red maggot short at 4m and down his edge, Wayne found some good quality fish to weigh in 43-10-00 of carp plus a handful of silvers.

Second place was awarded to Cedric Booth on peg 2. Again, opting to fish double red maggot short over groundbait, CJ found 39-08-00 of carp.

Mark Newman secured third place from peg 13 with 12-14-00 of small carp caught halfway across to the island.

1st W. Stephens, Peg 17, 43-10-00, Maggot short

2nd C. Booth, Peg 2, 39-08-00, Maggot short

3rd M. Newman, Peg 13, 12-14-00, Maggot short


Unfortunately, the silverfish sport on the day wasn't as hoped with only very small fish showing for the majority of anglers.

Winner on the day was Derek Reeves, who drew peg 9. Offering caster down his edge, Derek found some quality roach and perch to weigh in 07-00-00.

Finishing close behind in second place was Nick Atkins from peg 4. Nick found fish shallow at 5m on dead maggot to weigh in 06-09-00.

Cedric Booth finished in third place from peg 2 with a 05-03-00 effort of mainly small roach all taken on double red maggot fished over groundbait.

1st D. Reeves, Peg 9, 07-00-00, Casters short

2nd N. Atkins, Peg 4, 06-09-00, Maggot shallow

3rd C. Booth, Peg 2, 05-03-00, Maggot short


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