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Metal Closures AC, Island Pool

Eleven (11) anglers from Metal Closures attended this Sunday club match on Island pool. Like Saturday, conditions on the day felt very close and muggy with plenty of cloud cover but very little breeze. With the carp continuing to spawn in the week leading up to the match, anglers were not permitted to fish their edges.

Winner on the day was Ash Davis from peg 27. Offering banded pellet 3m from the bank, Ash found small carp in numbers to weigh in 42-14-00 to confirm a narrow win.

Finishing close behind from peg 14 was Graham Poutney. Starting his match fishing a bomb over to the island, Graham found a couple of early fish on 6mm pellet before switching to paste short. Graham ended proceedings with 39-13-00.

Third place was taken by Kevin Round from peg 19. Opting to keep things simple, Kevin fished corn short at 4m to weigh in 30-04-00 of mainly small carp.

1st A. Davis, Peg 27, 42-14-00, Pole & pellet short

2nd G. Poutney, Peg 14, 39-13-00, Bomb & pellet / Paste

3rd K. Round, Peg 19, 30-04-00, Pole & corn short


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