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Metal Closures AC, Woodside Pool

Twelve (12) anglers from Metal Closures attended this Sunday club match on Woodside pool. Conditions on the day saw spells of bright sunshine broken up with periods of cloud cover, but despite the cooler temperatures, the resident carp still clearly had other things on their agenda with water temperatures leaving the fish in two minds - feed or spawn. They didn't really do either!

Topping the field on the day was Carl Hunter, who drew peg 8. Carl caught mostly carp on banded pellet down his edge, but also had a decent net of silvers taken on maggot in open water on the short pole. Carl offered 57-13-00 to the scales.

Finishing close behind in second place was Ash Davies, who drew peg 9. Again, banded pellet accounted for most of Ash's fish, but a slight miscalculation saw him go over in one of his nets giving him a final weight of 55-09-00.

Third place on the day was taken by Vaughn Graham, who drew corner peg 6 close to the pads. Fishing halfway across to the island, Vaughn found mainly carp with a handful of roach, rudd and skimmers to weigh in 45-10-00.

1st C. Hunter, Peg 8, 57-13-00, Pellet in the margins & maggot

2nd A. Davies, Peg 9, 55-09-00, Pellet in the margins

3rd V. Graham, Peg 6, 45-10-00, Pellet to the island


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