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Old Hill Legion AC, Woodside Pool

Sixteen (16) anglers from Old Hill Legion lined the banks of Woodside pool for this Saturday club match. Conditions on the day were bright and sunny with temperatures, once again, in excess of twenty degrees. The resident carp had still not shown any signs of spawning in the build up to the match, but continued to show themselves in the upper layers swimming around in twos and threes.

Winner on the day was Chris Whitehouse, who drew peg 15 on the dam wall. Not normally an area associated with match winning weights at this time of year given the depth of the edges in this area, Chris was able to find quality fish down his margin to paste to weigh in 79-11-00.

Finishing close behind in second place was Pete Hawthorne from peg 4 close to the point of the island. Opting for pellet and corn down his edge, Pete again found quality fish in numbers to weigh in 71-11-00 after five hours.

Third place on the day was taken by Paul Smith, who drew corner peg 6 by the pads. Alternating between paste, pellet and corn hookbaits down his edge, Paul offered 53-14-00 to the scales to sneak inside the mainframe finish.

1st C. Whitehouse, Peg 15, 79-11-00, Paste in the margins

2nd P. Hawthorne, Peg 3, 71-11-00, Pellet & corn in the margins

3rd P. Smith, Peg 6, 53-14-00, Paste, pellet & corn in the margins


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