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Open Match, Island Pool

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Six (6) anglers attended this Saturday open match held on Island pool. Conditions on the day were relatively mild, but a significant amount of rainfall had fallen over the last few days leading up to the match resulting in weights being a little lower than anticipated. However, that said, it was an extremely close match with very little separating anglers.

Winner on the day was Dan Hart from peg 14. Opting to fish paste down his edge, Dan got off to a fairly slow start before finding fish in numbers during the second hour. However, despite a strong second hour, his bites quickly dried up resulting in him managing just a handful of bites for the second half of the match. Despite the slow finish, Dan managed to hold on to the win offering 53-11-00 to the scales.

Trevor Morrey finished in second place from neighbouring peg 15. Again, opting to fish paste down his edge, Trevor was able to keep a steady run of fish coming to the net - almost a little too steady - as upon the scales making their way round, he was found to have gone over the net limit on his carp net. This, unfortunately cost Trevor the match, with a confirmed weight of 51-15-00 after his weight penalty had been deducted.

Rounding off the main frame finish on the day was Josh Sutterby from peg 11 on the point of the island. Fishing worm down his edge, Josh was able to find some quality fish to offer 44-07-00 to the scales.

1st D. Hart, Peg 14, 53-11-00, Paste in the margins

2nd T. Morrey, Peg 15, 51-15-00, Paste in the margins

3rd J. Sutterby, Peg 11, 44-07-00, Worm in the margins


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