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Open Match, Woodside Pool

Five (5) anglers attended this latest open on Woodside pool. Conditions were much milder with plenty of sunshine in amongst scattered showers. The resident carp could be seen cruising in the upper layers and were actively feeding down the edges.

Winner on the day was Dave Bowyer. Fresh off the back of some consistent winter league performances elsewhere, Dave left off pretty much where he started here at Woodside chalking up another open match victory from peg 7. Concentrating mainly down his edges in the shallower water with maggot, Dave found quality carp in numbers with a handful of roach and skimmer bream to weigh in 86-02-00 to comfortably win the match.

Putting in an equally impressive performance was Ken Hayes, who drew peg 10. Ken fished both maggot and caster short, but the carp weren't really playing ball. Ken decided to get his head down on the silverfish and put together a superb bag of roach, skimmers and quality rudd to weigh 28-08-00 of silvers plus three carp for a total 48-06-00.

Third place was taken by Paul Brick from peg 16 on the dam wall. Paul struggled to find the carp early on making do with silverfish sport for the first half of the match on his short line with maggot. Later, Paul managed to find carp during the final ninety minutes to offer 26-02-00 to the scales.

1st D. Bowyer, Peg 7, 86-02-00, Maggot in the margins

2nd K. Hayes, Peg 10, 48-06-00, Maggot & caster short

3rd P. Brick, Peg 16, 26-02-00, Maggot short & soft pellet in the margins


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