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Rhea Hall AC, Island Pool

Thirteen (13) anglers from Rhea Hall AC attended this Saturday club match on the Island pool.

Winner on the day was Dave Male, who drew peg 17 close to the smaller of the two islands. Fishing pellet down his edge from the off, Dave was straight into carp, but struggled to get the majority of the fish he connected with out due to snags and weed. That said, Dave still enjoyed a great days fishing and managed a hard earned 33-08-00 at the end of the five hours. By his own admission, Dave reckoned he lost over one hundred pounds of fish!

Second place was taken by John Foster, who drew peg 12 opposite the larger island. Fishing pellet up in the water over to the island, John managed to find small carp and a handful of silvers to weigh in 27-12-00.

Taking third place was John Green on peg 16. Alternating between maggot and sweetcorn down his edge, John offered 22-11-00 to the scales.

1st D. Male, Peg 17, 33-08-00, Pellet in the margins

2nd J. Foster, Peg 12, 27-12-00, Pellet shallow over to the island

3rd J. Green, Peg 16, 22-11-00, Maggot & sweetcorn in the margins


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