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White Hall 1212 AC, Woodside & Island Pools

Fourteen (14) anglers from White Hall 1212 AC attended this Sunday club match held across both Woodside and Island pools. Conditions on the day were relatively settled during the day but more heavy rain had fallen overnight, which appeared to effect anglers weights once again. That said, despite weights generally speaking being lower than usual for the time of year, it was still a close contest across both pools with little separating the top three on each.


Winner on Woodside pool was Andy Alsop, who drew corner peg 6 close to the pads. Most of Andy's fish came from down his right hand margin to pellet to give him a winning weight of 50-02-00.

Second place was taken by Derek Stephens from peg 3 on the point of the island. Fishing pole and maggot, Derek enjoyed some decent silverfish sport with some nice carp in the mix as well to give him a final weight of 40-10-00.

Rounding off the top three finish was Dave Mason from peg 19 with 36-15-00 of mainly carp taken on the method feeder.

1st A. Alsop, Peg 6, 50-02-00, Pellet in the margins

2nd D. Stephens, Peg 3, 40-10-00, Pole & maggot short and in the margins

3rd D. Mason, Peg 19, 36-15-00, Method feeder


Winner on the day on Island pool was Mike Hope from fancied peg 2. Opting to fish maggot down his edge, Mike found plenty of small stockies as well as a handful of silvers to offer 37-10-00 to the scales at the end of five hours.

Second place went to Martin Sharp, who drew peg 14. Starting his match on the method feeder over towards the islands, Martin found some carp early on before having a look down his inside lines with corn to find some bonus edge fish to end with 27-00-00.

Rounding off the top three finish was Richard Oliver from peg 12 close to the island. Fishing paste down his edge accounted for most of Richard's fish with him weighing in 23-12-00 come the end of the match.

1st M. Hope, Peg 2, 37-10-00, Maggot in the margins

2nd M. Sharp, Peg 14, 27-00-00, Method feeder & sweetcorn in the margins

3rd R. Oliver, Peg 12, 23-12-00, Paste in the margins


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